The Ultimate Rolex Purchasing Guide

Rolex watches are undeniably the most popular and luxurious watch brand in the world. Whether you are a watch collector, someone looking to impress your buddies or just looking for a watch in style and of high quality, Rolex is the one for you. Rolex watches are popular worldwide for their timepieces crafted from the highest quality materials.

Luxury Watch that Can Last Forever

Every watch under the Rolex brand is known for beauty, color, style, and durability. It is a timeless piece that can last forever. With the luxury of Rolex watches, you can expect that a single piece costs a lot. Purchasing without plenty of consideration is quite risky. If you want to make the most of this investment, careful research is a must.

Make Sure It’s Not Counterfeit

How can you ensure it isn’t a counterfeit? As the most popular watch brand, it is also the most counterfeited one.

Here’s a fact for you: The fake Rolex industry actually exceeds the sales of the authentic watches. It may seem like a good deal to get a Rolex at a significantly cheaper price but it isn’t. Only an authentic Rolex offers you the investment and luxury that makes it the top watch brand in the world. Don’t fall prey to fake Rolex and only choose authentic ones.

There are a few things you will notice with a fake Rolex. Authentic Rolex should flawlessly work and has not a single point off. One thing you will notice with fakes is there is audible ticking whenever the hands rotate. You shouldn’t hear a ticking sound with real Rolex. Some features of Rolex that are off with fakes include:

  • Jerking movement in second hand whenever it rotates
  • No neat crown logo featured on the watch • Weigh should match what was listed in the model
  • Real Rolex watches are mechanical and self-winding • Cyclops feature magnifies date by 2.5 times
  • It should have box included
  • The case back shouldn’t be clear but polished steel • Its crown should have engraved Rolex logo
  • There should be a serial number under the bracelet, 6 o’clock position or inner flange

These are a few of the things that are usually off with fake Rolex watch, which you should take a note of when ordering yours. Now that you know how to figure out if it’s fake or not, it is time to move on to actually purchasing one

What to Consider When Purchasing Your First Rolex

Here are some things to consider so you can be sure if it’s perfect for you:


Are you getting a good price for your luxury watch? On that note, the next thing you need to consider involves the style that suits you best.


How or what do you plan to wear together with your Rolex? This is important, as it will help ensure you get the best look at your luxury watch. There are different styles of Rolex watch that suits better for a suit, sports or casual. Make sure you get the Rolex matching your style. Something that can go well with your day to day look and attire.


What do you plan to use or wear your watch for? Do you just want to use it for style? Do you want the watch with more capabilities like waterproof and other features? Whether you want to go for style or features is something you should consider. Functionality is still very important even how fashionable or stylish the watch is.

Best Place To Buy A Rolex Online

There are two safe ways to take into consideration. You can get yours at a Rolex boutique or authorized dealer and through online shops. Here’s how to get a Rolex from a dealer:

Ordering From An Authorized Dealer

Getting your luxury watch from an authorized dealer is the safest way. All of Rolex’s dealers are verifiable so you are safe and sure that you are getting authentic items. Rolex owns these stores and dealers get their items directly from the company. Buying from watch dealers means no risk of overpaying or getting a fake. Make sure to invest your money and don’t get robbed by getting low-grade items from an unauthorized dealer.

There is a downside to this method, however. Since you are getting your watch directly from the company, it is quite rare to get a deal. You cannot negotiate the price so should really prepare the exact amount. If you are getting the watch as an investment and isn’t particular about the price, it’s the method for you.

You can find many shops selling Rolex watches on the internet. They all say they offer authentic ones but you still need to make sure of it. The great thing about getting via the internet is you land the biggest discounts dealers or retailers never offer. Of course, there is the risk that you may be purchasing fakes.

Know The Site First — Research!

Countless customers have already suffered from having purchased fake Rolex via the internet. You can avoid that if you can sort out reputable sites from those that are not This is why you need the tips mentioned about spotting fake Rolex. It is also a good practice to do background research on the site where you saw the Rolex you want.

If it is a real Rolex you are looking for, this article will direct you to the right place to get the right timepiece that matches your needs and style. By taking in and remembering the points mentioned above, keeping your eyes open for fakes to minimize your risks.